Specified Commercial Transaction Act

Sales company name
F-area LLC
1-10-14, Yakuin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka-ken 810-0022 Japan
Phone number
Phone reception hours
Contact information
Operation manager
Seiryu Sakoda
Sales URL
Selling price
Please refer to the product page.
Payment method
Credit Card
Timing of payment
At the time of reservation
Application expiration date
To hotel from airport
The deadline for reservations is 5:00 pm on the day you drop off your luggage at the airport.

To airport from hotel
The deadline for reservations is 11:00 am the day before you drop off your luggage at the hotel.

If there is no payment by the deadline above, it will be canceled.
When service is provided
Your drop off date / pick up date.
Service provision method
We will pick up and deliver your luggage at the date and time you reserved.
About cancellation
Cancellation is not possible. No refunds will be given after reservation.
Required charges other than the product price
Consumption tax (tax included)
Expressions and precautionary statements regarding products
We will keep only the luggage you have applied for.